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In pursuit of itʻs mission, Pūlama Nā Liko operates a cultural learning center that supports our youth and provides opportunities within the community and abroad to develop a range of skill sets and experiences relevant to success in career and life, instilled by culture and Hawaiian core values.


To promote and support social, physical, and intellectual wellness within our community through education based on Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, values, and traditions.


To develop responsible and capable future generations through interaction and educational programs inspired by the Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and traditions. 

Rock Balancing

P   Pono: integrity; rightness, balance - expressed when doing right and feeling content

Ū  Ulu: growth, spread; to protect - expressed by sharing knowledge and encouragement

L   Lōkahi: unity, cooperation - expressed with harmony and understanding

A  Aloha: unconditional love, compassion - expressed with empathy, kindness, and giving

Mālama: care for; nurture; preserve - expressed with honor to serve and to protect

A    Alakaʻi: Leadership - expressed with humility; learn well so you can help guide others

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