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Founded and directed by Kumu Lani Isaacs, a lifelong dancer, teacher and choreographer, ‘Alohi Polynesian Dance Academy is a hālau providing training in Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Maori dance.


Open enrollment is now closed!

‘Alohi Polynesian Dance Academy provides Hālau training in Hula, Tahitian, and Maori dance. We welcome all who have the heart to learn the dances of Polynesia. We offer open enrollment and classes for students ages 5 years old and up.


Founder and director, Kumu Lani Isaacs, a lifelong dancer, teacher and choreographer opened the ʻAlohi Polynesian Dance Academy in Kamuela, HI in 2011. With the spirit of poʻokela, or excellence as her focus, quality and integrity is the basis of her work.

Since 1978, her professional careers ran hand-in-hand as a Cultural Resource Director, Certified Corporate Trainer and Concierge Manager in the Hospitality Industry, and a professional entertainer. Under the direction of Kumu Hula Ke’ala Kukona, Lani owes her success as a seasoned dancer to her formal training. Hands-on experiences, accumulated over many years, has awarded her a fluency that is essential to not only the hospitality industry, but to that of the performing arts as well. Over the years she has warranted a respect by companies and businesses that rely on her expertise. She has traveled extensively with the Hawai’i Visitor’s Bureau and various airlines and resorts to promote Hawai’i destinations.

In the year 2000, Lani established Hālau Hula Nā Lehua E Liko No Ka Wailani, a prestigious and award-winning school of Hawaiian dance. The hālau’s foundation is based on cultural learning and practice, grounded by the dedication and commitment of the haumāna (students) and Kumu (teacher), and the strong support of their ‘ohana (family). Together the hālau utilizes hana no’eau and ‘ōlelo Hawai’i to support and expand the practices of nā mea Hawai’i and has contributed numerous times to the community – supporting events and fundraisers, workshops and performances. With a compassionate heart and a firm hand, Kumu Lani continues to nurture her haumāna – striving to develop their skills and talents in order to provide them opportunities for their future. Her goal is to keep tradition alive by artistically presenting the stories of our ancestors on a stage setting where it rightfully belongs amongst other performing disciplines.


Please join us at our weekly shows! Here are our current public performance(s):

First Friday of every month, weather permitting
Free Admission

"It’s not just the dance that your students share, it’s their spirit – their love of what they do that truly shines – it’s heart-warming…"



—  Audience Member

(New Mexico)

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