Large Toere Drum

Large Toere Drum


The toere is a traditional Tahitian drum made of a solid wood log. The toere stick is specifically designed and used to beat the toere drum. Each wood log is selected, prepared, and carved for the drummer. Blemishes and weathering patterns are the natural look of a toere and the toere stick as it is natureʻs beauty. All markings give each piece its unique characteristic. 


Our toere are hand crafted by Master Craftsman, Alofaitama Meafo, on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.  Toere are tuned on both sides. All toere in stock are made of either Milo or Kamani wood. Ironwood Aeto patch are on the Kamani drums. Toere sticks are made of Ironwood. Sold as is (please see photos - note natural markings, carvings, surface cracks, etc). Please indicate by number which drum you are wanting in the product options field.


  • Toere #1: 26 3/4” long x 6” diameter ($500)

  • Toere #2: 26" long x 5 3/4” diameter ($500)

  • Toere #4 (lead with ironwood patch): 28 3/4” long x 7” diameter ($950)

  • Toere #5: 28” long x 6 1/4” diameter ($600)